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Curriculum and Instruction
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The curriculum in each school is designed to achieve the student capacities established by Kentucky law and local goals. The curriculum complies with all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations. The curriculum allows and assists all students to acquire the following capacities:

  • Communication skills necessary to function in a complex and changing civilization;
  • Knowledge to make economic, social, and political choices;
  • Core values and qualities of good character to make moral and ethical decisions throughout his or her life;
  • Understanding of governmental processes as they affect the community, the state, and the nation;
  • Sufficient self-knowledge and knowledge of his/her mental and physical wellness;
  • Sufficient grounding in the arts to enable each student to appreciate his/her cultural and historical heritage;
  • Sufficient preparation to choose and pursue his/her life's work intelligently; and
  • Skills to enable him/her to compete favorably with students in other states.


The School Based Decision Making council at each school adopts school policy to be implemented by the principal, faculty and staff. The instructional programs are determined by school policy adopted by the school council. All council policies are designed to meet student academic expectations and goals established by statute, regulation and Board policy.

Pacing guides were developed by teachers to help ensure that all the standards within each grade level content and subject are taught during the school year. These offer a sequence for delivering content and provide a scope for what must be taught all students, based on Kentucky's curriculum documents.

High school teachers develop a syllabus by course, grade/level interdisciplinary area to communicate to students and parents:

  • Prerequisites for the course,
  • The topics to be covered,
  • The order of material to be covered,
  • The resources to be used,
  • The planned testing points, and
  • The performance standards and expectations.


Each school has procedures for scheduling conferences located in the student handbook. Please contact your child’s principal or guidance counselor to schedule conferences if you do not receive information about parent conferences. Our faculty and staff welcome the opportunity to discuss any student progress as well as any concerns.


For more information about curriculum please contact:
Robin Hurst, Supervisor of Instruction, at (270) 388-9715, extension 404.

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